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Keratherapy Keratinfixx Repair Shampoo

Keratherapy Keratinfixx Repair Shampoo

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Give your hair the protection it deserves - Keratherapy’s KeratinFIXX Repair Shampoo provides an extra layer of protection while moisturizing hair by each strand. Hair damage repair shampoo infused with Caviar Extract and Argan Oil that helps prevent and repair breakage. The keratin complex in our keratin repair shampoo is easily absorbed by the hair cuticle, the structure that holds the hair fibers together. Due to excessive combing, coloring, and heat treatment, the overlapping scales of hair cuticles can be lifted up, allowing unwanted substances to enter and damage the fibers. Our shampoo closes the flaps in the cuticle and smooths out its surface, guarding the core hair fibers from damage and making each strand smoother. The keratin also replenishes areas of the hair shaft with chipped cuticles to strengthen your tresses. Our repair shampoo delivers a boost of moisture and preserves the natural oils of the scalp, so you can enjoy gorgeous, healthy hair.

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