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Chi Infra Hair Gel Maximum Control Hair Gel

Chi Infra Hair Gel Maximum Control Hair Gel

Weight: 8.5 oz
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Define your style with CHI Infra Gel. Suitable for all hair types, CHI Infra Gel is a maximum control hair gel that helps tame stray hairs and creates a desired shape for a sleek, polished appearance. As you work the product into your hair, the Ionic and Catatonic Hydration Interlink technology works to leave your hair with incredible shine on top of styling control. Just dispense a pump or two of product into your hand from the convenient dispenser-style bottle, smooth into your hair, and style as desired. Plus, a little goes a long way, which means all 8.5-fluid ounces of gel in every bottle offers plenty of product for styling up all your favorite everyday looks. Show off your styling skills and natural beauty with CHI Infra Gel.

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