American Crew Alternator Finishing Spray 3.3 Oz

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Lather in some American Crew Alternator Finishing Spray to shape your hair. This is one of the top mens hair products for its ability to make your mane shine. Its non-tacky consistency feels great on your hands so you can style to your liking. You can have confidence that your hair stays in place all day while a medium hold allows you to re-mold as needed. When you are done, you can simply remove it with shampoo. Regular use of this finishing and styling spray adds texture and thickness to your look. No need to worry about stiffness. Spray just a couple times on wet hair for the most styling flexibility, or apply to dry or styled hair for a stronger hold. This spray is an essential part of your collection of male hair products. With American Crew Alternator, you can impress friends with long-lasting hairstyles. Give your hair a treat and keep it shining and smelling great for hours on end.