Living Proof Style Lab Molding Clay, 1.7 oz.

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Where other styling products fall flat, Living Proof Style Lab Molding Clay makes it great for women and men with all kinds of hair types to attain incredible results. This molding clay keeps your hair firm so that it will not move out of place throughout the day. However, it keeps locks flexible enough to where you can rework hair later in the day if you so desire.
With this clay, you have the freedom to shape your locks into a wide array of styles. You can apply it either when you have already dried your hair or when it is still wet. It provides a matte finish and medium hold.
This clay is highly recommended for people with short hair. It is safe to use on chemically and color treated tresses. It does not contain any silicone.
Living Proof Style Lab Molding Clay is among the best hair care products because it makes it easy for you to get the exact hair style you want. With this clay, the possibilities are endless.