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American Crew

American Crew Grooming Cream 3 Oz

American Crew Grooming Cream 3 Oz

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If you want high hold and high shine without the hard finish of a gel, then American Crew Grooming Cream is the styling product for you. This rich cream goes on slick and dries to an extra-firm hold that will last all day and night. It has a high gloss finish, perfect for slicked back or spikey styles. It's also ideal for frizzy, unmanageable hair that needs to be tamed or curls that need to be relaxed. American Crew's reputation for formulating the best men hair products is upheld by this styling cream that doubles as a treatment for dry and thinning hair. Aloe Vera encourages hair growth while soothing your scalp to help prevent dandruff, coconut oil provides deep conditioning and natural beeswax and lanolin lock in moisture to make your hair healthier, softer and shinier with continued use. American Crew Grooming Cream is the best men's hair cream if you want a high-hold, high-shine style and a healthier head of hair.

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